HID iClass duplicate

Cheapest onsite duplicate cloning service in Singapore!

Are you a property agent looking to duplicate access card for tenants?

Price from $10. Minimum of 4 quantities for free onsite service! No hidden fee! Get your access card duplicated today!

Duplicate HID iClass Access Card is available! Send photos of iClass card to us to inquire.

HID iClass duplicate

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Don’t look anywhere. Because we are the best you can find. The cheapest in Singapore with free on the spot cloning at your premises. 

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Don't need to leave your condo premises

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Full refund on spot if does not work!

Best Rates

It's only $10 per card!* minimum of 4 cards for free onsite!

Want to get your access card duplicated?

Snap photos of the front and the back of the access card and send photos to us via WhatsApp. We will get back soon to advise.

What Types of Access Card Can You Duplicate?

We can duplicate 99% of the access cards!

  • Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K, Mifare Plus, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare DESFire
  • EM Marin, Securakey, office door access card, smart-door access cards
  • HID Prox II, HID Proximity, ISO Prox II, Manga, Vitez, Keri, Indala, Viking
  • iClass Legacy, iClass Elite, iClass SE, iClass ER, iClass SEOS IP

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How you can Get Your's

Our Process

Take a Photo of your Access Card. Front and Back

Send to our WhatsApp

Get Quotation, Arrange on-site, Sit Back and Relax


HID Prox II Card, EM Card, Securakey, T5577, Hitag, Viking, EM4305, Mifare Classic 1K, ISO 15693, etc

$ 10
  • per card, fob, keychain, sticker
  • 100% Success Rate
  • Free onsite for 4 pieces and above


Mifare Ultralight, Mifare 1k 7bytes, Mifare 4k, Mifare DESFire, custom card

$ 25
  • per card, fob, keychain, sticker
  • 100% Success Rate
  • Free onsite for 3 pieces and above


HID iClass, iClass SR, iClass SE, iClass SEOS, iClass ER

$ 40 / Card
  • $45 / sticker or keychain
  • Geniune HID iClass Card, Keychain, Tag
  • Send card photos to us first

Common Questions


It takes about 5-10mins to duplicate most cards, higher encrypted cards take slightly longer.
Please send us the photos of both front and back of the cards before i come onsite.
Absolutely, duplicating or cloning access card in Singapore is legal.
No data or any information is stored when duplicating or cloning.
Yes, we are able to duplicate a certain range of HID iClass cards and have succeeded with many positive feedbacks. Onsite to test out the iClass card is the best way to know if it works.